3 am thoughts

We met halfway through our miseries
Dancing drunk under the night sky You can name your favorite star,  I already did mine
 I know nothing makes sense right now But let it be like this Senseless and in love Tipsy and stuttering Both of us blur out Lying down under the lamp post Let me just […]

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I’m jealous of the shadow 

I’m jealous of the shadow You cast upon the ground Jealous of the honeybee That follows you around I’m jealous of the choral birds That wake you from your sleep Jealous of the Sun’s warm rays That kiss you on the cheek I’m jealous of the gentle breeze Flowing through your hair Jealous of the […]

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You do this thing 

I have most of
 what I need
 and a little of
 what I want,
 the respect
  and admiration
 of many
 and gems of humanity
 that dwarf
 that of royalty. I’ve worked harder
 than most
  to cross the boundaries
 excel beyond them
 and build bridges
 for everyone around me
 for I always believed
 dependence is for

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Finding Love

There was this really beautiful line I heard in some movie. It said – Love isn’t something that somebody gives you. It’s something that you find. Everyone wants love. And everyone waits for someone to hand it over to them. But when you say you’ve got to find it, the whole search for love becomes […]

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Stay Bright 

“Dearest one, this facade you’ve built doesn’t fool me.” I see the pain in your heart, the cracks in your soul. I see the light dimming in your eyes, while the rest of the world is too blind to see the truth. If I could count your tears and replace every one with something beautiful, […]

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Next Chapter

She was stuck. She was scared, afraid of what the next chapter held. She saw her life like a novel made up of small stories woven together. Each story was a chapter and up until now, every chapter had begun with a once upon a time and ended with a gleeful happily ever after. The […]

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